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I photographed these darling triplets, oh… four months ago? It’s about time they were shared! A triple blessing for sure! © carrie sandoval

Sweet Aziel… content in Mama’s arms! © carrie sandoval

newborn baby mother mama cuddle sleeping photography photographer 

My girl.

January 27, 2008

Lily Ana. We used to joke around saying she was the most photographed baby. Yes, it’s slowed down quite a bit… she is 19 months old now… what can I say?

Lily Ana baby photography rusty trike

I need to call this little guy beautiful before it’s too late… before he turns handsome! Meet Grant. © carrie sandoval

newborn baby photography photographer  

newborn baby photography photographer

Being he is a good friend is the only reason I agreed to do this shot because it is not my typical style. Now, I can honestly say that I’m glad I gave it a shot… I love it. Abigail is such an adorable little chunk, she fit in there perfectly! © carrie sandoval

newborn baby curled helmet fire fighter fireman orange county 

newborn baby photography photographer san diego 

newborn baby photography photographer

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