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The Newborn Casting Call!

March 26, 2008

newborn baby casting call san diego

I am super excited about these “sessions”. As I have said before, I just love sketching ideas for newborns before a session. More often than not, the ideas go un-attempted because my little subjects (and the parents!) are spent after a full session involving blanket, backdrop, grouping and setting changes. My ideas may or may not (I don’t know because I haven’t tried them yet!) be more time consuming and risky (as in waking baby and starting all over, not as in putting them in danger!). So, the artist in me *really* wants to put these ideas in motion so I’ve decided to call out for willing subjects!

These casting call sessions will:

• Be free of charge (however, prints may be purchased at regular rates).

• Be goaled towards capturing a single image / pose (but if time and patience permits, additional poses and images may be attempted).

• Require a model release (most likely the image will be published).

• Be held at either Carrie’s studio or outdoor location of Carrie’s preference.

The current casting calls are for:

• Dark skinned newborns.

• Newborn triplets, either one week of age or within one week of age of coming home from the nicu (preferably with minimal time spent in the nicu).

ETA: I would like to thank all of you for the interest and kind words. And I am happy to have inspired other photographers to do similar casting calls as I am sure you have your own ideas. Just remember, use your own words! We couldn’t possibly have the same ideas 🙂

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24 Responses to “The Newborn Casting Call!”

  1. sofia says:

    I wish I was having a baby!

  2. Wendi says:

    Hello, I’m having a baby boy any day now and would love to have him photographed by you. We are willing to venture outdoors, not sure how fit and trim I am but my husband has great arms 🙂 Would love to hear back from you, thanks!

  3. anni says:

    Hello! I am due October 7th. I am willing to let you do ANYTHING! Not sure if I fall into any of your requirements to a tee, (although I might be fit and trim in the end) who knows… but I am up and willing to let you do anything with my baby! Write me if you are interested 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    Dang! I wish I was prego right now! LOL!

  5. DrewB says:

    Darn! 6 weeks too late! Let me know if you need a super cute 6 week old 😉

  6. Brandi says:

    My baby (girl) will be here no later than June 17th. So far I’ve gained about 15 pounds. My babies usually have LOTS of dark hair…so in case you’re traveling to Colorado for any reason, you’d have a willing subject(s)! 🙂

  7. Patrina says:

    i so wish i was expecting…lol!

  8. Melanie A says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with.

  9. Rochelle says:

    ahhem! Oh hubby! Off to take care of that for u give me 9 months!!! LOL.. j/k!
    SOOO wish i had a newborn right now!

  10. kathy says:

    I’m fat enough to look preggo… but hmmm, 9 months pass and nothing… wonder whats up. good luck with this project!! sounds fun!!!

  11. Carla says:

    Hi! I am expecting triplets this June, 2 boys and 1 girl. We are in the Los Angeles area. My husband and I both have fairly light hair, light skin and blue eyes. Please let me know if you are interested.

  12. Valerie says:

    I wish I could fit into your plan. I have two surviving triplet boys but one is still in the NICU. They are 4.5 months actual and 1.5 months adjusted.

  13. Erin says:

    I can’t wait to see what comes out of these sessions! 🙂 Good luck!

  14. denise says:

    hhhaaa I’m with everyone else who is bummed that their baby was born too soon.
    mines 4 months, but she’s the cutest 4 month old ever ; )

  15. Angela Nahl says:

    Carrie, I’m due 2nd half of May. Even if your casting call is full, let’s arrange to have a newborn shoot!

    Thank you!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I’ll have one for ya in Nov. Kind of a long way off! Hope all is well 🙂

  17. […] friend and photographer, asked if I would help her with a newborn triplet session. With the “casting call” in full swing, how could I resist? I know I mentioned below that I wasn’t going post […]

  18. Tina says:

    Hi Carrie,

    I love your work as always, I’m due any minute now (well, really May 9, but we’ll see how that goes)

    Our little girl will be half Chinese/half German. 🙂

    Let me know if you still need people.


  19. Kylie Kavanagh says:

    Love the work you do! I am due with a baby boy mid July and have no problem going right out and about if you need some outdoor shots in the warm weather!

  20. justyna says:

    My ovaries are twitching, hoping to have another baby so you can photograph them:)

  21. Liza says:

    I wish I lived near you…I would love to meet you !!!!

  22. my wife is due in september, and i have tattooed arms…. they may not be the muscliest though. but i can carry lots of groceries at once, so i know there ARE muscles in there 😉

  23. Jennifer says:

    I’m responding to your casting call for:
    • 1 newborn baby, one week of age or younger with a Mommy who has kept trim and fit during her pregnancy (the remaining “pooch” is Ok, unavoidable and prefered!)

    I’m due in early November 2008 with our first child, a baby girl. My doctor tells me that I’m gaining the perfect amount of weight, not an ounce more, and that my baby is growing at the right rate and size; she said she couldn’t be happier. Do I make the cut? =)

    All joking aside, I would love for my baby and I to be photographed by you. It would be such a blessing to our family to be able to capture her newborn pictures by such a talented professional. I’ve been admiring your work for the last few weeks now, and after weeks of comparision to other photographers in the Southern California area, your style and technique has solely captured my heart. I truely enjoy looking at your portfolio, it brings a smile to my face every time.

  24. Harvey White says:

    I have african american triplet girls Heaven Halo Harmony that are 3 and 1 half months ols

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