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Little Abe was happiest close to Mommy… such a sweet little guy! © carrie sandoval | baby photography

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31 Responses to “Abe the babe. | San Diego newborn baby photographer”

  1. kathy wolfe says:

    look at those cheeks… gorgeous

  2. Kristin Cook says:

    aawww…so sweet!

  3. Annie Nahl says:

    LOVE those cheeks and hands!

  4. Laura says:

    What a beautiful moment.

  5. Paula Yoo says:

    Carrie, I love all your photos. They’re exquisite. This one of Little Abe (the son of my good friends) is so beautiful and I love how the composition of it also tells a story… and I adore how his little fingers are peeking out! I will recommend your services to other friends. best, Paula

  6. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful, can’t wait to see more!

  7. Jennifer Ziegaus says:

    Look at those cheeks! Adorable. Great work Carrie, as always!!

  8. Erin Templeton says:

    Beautiful shot of a beautiful baby!
    Congrats 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness, he is too sweet! What a beautiful boy.

  10. Lisa Kelly says:

    He has got the sweetest face, and look at mum looking down on him. Just a really beautiful capture

  11. mike polcino says:

    Very beautiful. When did Angela get that tattoo of Carrie Sandoval’s name? I like it. I was thinking of getting a dragon or Charlie Sheen. What do you think?


  12. Diane says:

    Great capture of a beautiful moment! Look at those cheeks! 🙂

  13. Elizabeth Nahl says:

    I love this one! So sweet and look at those cheeks. We can’t wait to hold him.

  14. Susie Horton says:

    One word comes to mind, PRECIOUS. Love, The Hortons

  15. Jacqueline Bell says:

    Gorgeous photo! Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  16. Angela Nahl says:

    Wow, that really IS Abe in his first days of life, the squuuuunchy face and all! Carrie, I love your work, love it, and that is why Abe and I drove to Fallbrook with Auntie Nina only a few days after we got out of the hospital. We will treasure this image and can’t wait to see the rest.

    OK, Carrie, I’m getting my D3, and ONE prime lens. EEEKS, which one???? Yikes! All my current Nikon lenses are NOT autofocus, they’re from approx 1984, so I don’t think they have the AF pin on them. I have the 105 2.5 and the 50 1.8. Christopher James, my first photo teacher, always said to get only a 28 or 35 and a 105 (or so), i.e. a wide angle and a portrait lens, BUT you do so much beautiful work with a fast 50. You seem to have NO problem getting background defocus with it. It really shatters his philosophy. Furthermore, I think a 105 would be too long a lens for working indoors with my kids/in a small space. Hmmm…you may convert me to the “natural” 50mm. OK, so what’s your pick for the “one lens?”

    Mike, hmm…as for your tat, I think the best of both worlds: a dragon with a Charlie Sheen head. Can’t wait to see your 3-D images. That vintage 3-D camera of yours is in mint condition. Where did you find it? Did you have to have it refurbished?. Do we need special goggles or a viewmaster to see the images in 3-D? Will we hold a screening in an old theater with a roomful of people in 3-D goggles? That would be a party. I’ll bring the popcorn.

  17. Karen Calderon says:

    He’s gorgeous! Looks just like Eliana! Congrats and enjoy! Karen and family

  18. Melanie A says:

    Beautiful shot! Love his little fingers and the black background. Gorgeous.

  19. Martha Birnbaum (Bubby--Adam's mom) says:

    He’s an adorable little guy. The amazing thing is that he was only about 9 days old, which means that Mom was just 9 days post birth. Angela, you look beautiful!

  20. liz says:

    oh my is that just the sweetest photo!!

  21. Liz Plass says:

    Oh my goodness, look at that gorgeous baby! Great photo, Carrie! And congrats to the new parents!

  22. Pookie Martin says:

    What a beautiful moment, captured in a lovely photograph. I can’t imagine such little hands, again!

  23. Rochelle says:

    ((sigh)) k, such pure squishy goodness 🙂

  24. Mary Kathryn Nahl says:

    Wow!! How fantastic! Little Abe and Angela look lovely. Makes me, his maternal grandmother, want to hold him right now. How I miss them! Great photo!

  25. Such a gorgeous mama + baby shot! The light was tdf that day for you!!! He’s such a cute little man 🙂

  26. Krysten says:

    That has to be the cutest little scrunchy baby face I have ever seen. Precious!!

  27. Great Uncle R says:

    Abe the BEAUTIFUL babe! Nice work Angela and Adam. Great cheeks and he looks determined even with his eyes closed.

    Angela – consider the Nikon 18-135 for a great all around lens.

  28. Maureen Feeley says:

    So, so beautiful!! Congratulations Angela, Adam and Eliana!!!
    With love and best wishes from Maureen, Bill, Hannah and Atticus

  29. Brandy says:

    Awww, what a sweetheart!

  30. Debra Hammond says:

    What a beautiful baby and mother! It’s a treat. Thanks.

  31. […] Abe the Babe is 18 months old now… wow! Way to grow, little dude! And I finally got to meet his gorgeous big sis! © carrie sandoval | san diego […]

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