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Ok, for the past 3 months I have been so, so strong… trying not to post images from the casting call sessions in order to unveil unseen images in the book. It’s been killing me. So, this is my one little break. This is actually not “the” image I was going after in this casting call session, so it was a complete bonus. I got “the” shot as well and that’s the one I will save, but for now, I need to share. I’m having a blast with these sessions!Gorgeous, gorgeous family here. Meet Nikko and his Daddy. MORE on my websites splash page.  © carrie sandoval | san diego photographer

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31 Responses to “Father. Son. | San Diego newborn baby photographer”

  1. Julie says:

    Frickin’ AMAZING as usual Carrie! I knew they would be perfect for you! I’ve been stalking your blog for the past week, just hoping to see a sneak peek from the shoot 🙂 I’m SO glad I happened to check tonight!

  2. Zo Hummel says:

    OMG! Be my mentor…please. 🙂 This is beautiful, Carrie. I love this image.

  3. Rochelle says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! O my gosh, this is INSAINE !!! You are absolutley GIFTED!
    k… i can’t put anymore ” ! ” or type in bigger letters to explain how much i love this lol!

  4. Kim says:

    this is just stunning! what a sweet, sweet baby. and hubba hubba on the big guy. 😉

  5. Lisa Kelly says:

    So, wow!!!!!!! This is completely stunning. NOt even sure how you managed it but so glad you did. I love it!

  6. Graciete says:

    So very beautiful and serene. Stunning…

  7. Brandy says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing!

  8. Sandi says:

    OMgoodness – just beautiful. This is definitely a “book” shot if you can squeeze it in! Great work!

  9. Krysten says:

    I seriously just fell off my chair. You are amazing. Such an inspiration.

  10. Wendy says:

    It’s been said. Too stunning for words.

    I’ve been dying for your book and is why I subscribed to your blog! I want to be the first to know! Any idea on when it’s going to be released? And will it be just images, or will it have educational content for us photographers who worship the ground you walk on? 😉

  11. Tana says:

    Picking my jaw up off the floor. Amazing as usual. It is always a treat when you post pics; I check your blog everyday.

  12. kathy wolfe says:

    i dont know how you do it…but you do – every darn tootin time…. amazing.

  13. Melanie A says:

    Carrie, I actually stumbled upon the shot on your splash page first. Wow. Thats all I can say. 🙂

  14. Deanna says:

    Wow, it takes a lot to really WOW me anymore but this shot is just amazing. I can see it in an art gallery huge somewhere!!

  15. iasha says:

    This is flipping amazing!! I can wait to see where you are in 5 years, gosh or even 1, I am so excited to see this new book!!!

  16. gdove says:

    when will the book be available???

  17. Lisa Slotsve says:

    These are AMAZING, wow wow wow, nice shot Carrie!

  18. Tamara says:

    i have been visiting your blog for some time now. your working is amazing. i have never commented before.
    i do have to say, this capture is beyond words. absolutely breathtaking on so many levels. thank you for sharing!

  19. Patrina says:

    dude – here you go again. each. and. every. time.
    you amaze me!
    your tones are amazing, and of course daddy and baby look beautiful.

  20. allie says:

    Ugh. IN.CRE.DIB.LE.
    Just perfection!!

  21. Connie says:

    Absolutely fabulous Carrie! I love the shot on the splash page as well. Just gorgeous!

  22. Nancy says:

    I found you last year on flickr while I was expecting and looking for newborn images to prepare myself to take my son’s photos when he arrived. You inspired me then. You inspire me now (as I continue to do more newborn photos). I can’t count how many times I come by to your site to look at the photos and now to read your blog.

  23. You are EVERYTHING that a photographer could ever hope to become. Man, I should just quit! No, but seriously, you are an inspiration.

  24. Mmm mmm good. WOW

  25. magda says:

    i don’t comment much but i visit your blog often.
    all your photos are so absolutely beautiful and perfect but this one is just incredible. i can’t wait to see all the gorgeous photos you will include in your book.

  26. Liza says:

    Carrie this is Gorgeous!!! You are such an inspiration!!! I’m due in three and a half weeks and am soooo excited about taking his portraits!! This one inspires me for him and his dad (aka my hubby) You ROCK girl : )

  27. Diana says:

    Hello Carrie,

    I love your pictures, their so beautiful.
    I hope when my baby comes I can take some nice pictures with him.
    This picture makes me see myself watching my husband and my baby in 4 months.
    You are a great photographer.

    Good luck.

  28. Kristen Cook says:

    This shot is insane Carrie – love everything about it!!!

  29. Very sweet photo. I love the photo of the babies head to head in the header. Can’t wait to add this blog to my regular reading and visiting the rest of your work.

  30. HP PSC 1510 says:

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