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 Newborn baby orange county

Orange county newborn photographer 

Orange county newborn baby photographer

newborn baby photographer  

So, I usually only show 1 or 2 images for my sneak peeks, but am having a hard time picking 1 or 2 for Paige! So, I thought this would be a good time to show more than 1 and to remind Moms what a difference a few days makes. 5 days old has always been my favorite age for newborn sessions. There is just something about that number! For nursing babies, Mom’s milk is in and their bellies are happy, yet they are still so oblivious to what is going on around them – and their sleepy faces are so peaceful. Little Paige did not make a peep the entire session and was so smiley! Who knows… perhaps Paige’s parents will let me share the entire gallery when I am done! © carrie sandoval | baby

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15 Responses to “5 days old. | Orange County newborn baby photographer.”

  1. Simply amazing… the first one is truly a piece of art. Wow!

  2. liia says:

    Ohhh….Carrie. Just, wow. You take my breath away!!

  3. Anya says:

    Oh my! I would LOVE to see a full session. Although that would probably be dangerous as these images make me want to run out and have another baby. Beautiful mama, beautiful papa, beautiful baby, beautiful light, brilliant (and beautiful) photographer….*sigh*

  4. Julie says:

    Absolutely awesome as always.
    Great subjects, great photos….you can’t go wrong.
    Oh and what a great name for the baby too 😉 hehe

  5. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! The 1st and 2nd images are to die for! AMAZING!!! Gosh, I wish you lived near Kansas come March. 🙂 Amazing, simply amazing.

  6. Jennifer says:

    absolutely stunning work, you are such an inspiration!

  7. Lisa Kelly says:

    Carrie these are just simply stunning. The one of her hanging from the log is so breathtaking I can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful!

  8. iasha says:

    Omfg!! You really just made my jaw hit the floor, no words I swear you are so amazing!!!!!!!!

  9. Christy says:

    These are totally and completely amazing!!!!

  10. lisa jordan says:

    any one of these photos would make the parents swoon, but this many beauties? Good luck mom & dad !!

  11. Julie says:

    Just beautiful! These are stunning images! I just adore that first one especially.

  12. Sherri says:

    That first image is something I would have LOVED to have when my babies were newborns. Great work.

  13. Jessie says:

    You amaze me every time. I recently photographed a 5 day old and he didn’t sleep a wink the whole 2 hours! Oh I wish I had your magic…Also…I saw that you are going to be in the next issue of Design Aglow, in fact I saw that first image on the issue preview–I will HAVE to get that issue now. When I have my next baby, do you think the thought of flying all the way to you in CA is crazy…coming from Connecticut!??! =0)

  14. Kristin & Ron says:

    This is Paige’s parents and we want to thank all of you for such kind comments. We feel so fortunate that our newborn’s first days were “captured by Carrie”…and it will be very difficult to choose the pictures that we like the best. Carrie is absolutely amazing…as you can tell.

    Carrie, we can’t thank you enough!!! If you would like to share the entire gallery, we are comfortable with that.

  15. Karen says:

    I love the sneak peeks from Paige’s session. They are all so perfect! I really like this one with the branch. Her position looks so natural and comfortable.
    You are amazing!

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