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Look Good in Pictures.

October 29, 2008

Ok, all… I’m putting myself out here! There is a reason I stay behind the camera, but how could I pass up such a wonderful opportunity to work with Nikon and Carson Kressley on the new how-to series “Look Good in Pictures” ? I was totally out out my element, but Carson’s wit and humor put me at ease. As of now, the segment on babies is up (see link above).

Mr. Cayden was a perfect little model, so full of smiles even though it was nap time during the taping. 

look good in pictures baby photography

Coming soon will be a segment on newborns, featuring another smiley boy, Emerick! 

look good in pictures newborn

And… how lucky am I to have had such a gorgeous Mom-to-be for the maternity segment?

look good in pictures maternity

And… a family portrait isn’t complete without Carson!! 

look good in pictures nikon carson kressley

I would like to thank all my wonderful models for spending an entire day with us to make this happen! And to Carson… for making me laugh so I didn’t appear *too* nervous! What a fantastic crew! © carrie sandoval | photographer  

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30 Responses to “Look Good in Pictures.”

  1. Pammy says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! Congrats!

  2. Kelly Park says:

    This is so awesome! Congratulations 🙂 You did great.

  3. john waire says:

    carson rocked & you were a natural on camera. awesome job Carrie!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Wahoo – you go girl!

    You looked gorgeous and it was fun to see you in action.

    Big big big congrats on such a fun opportunity.

  5. CKS says:

    That was so hilarious! Thanks for the awesome tips! It was a treat to see you doing what you do best. You look like you had a ton of fun with Carson.

  6. Anni says:

    ohhh Carrie – I love Emerick’s little smiley photo 🙂 and I love the picture below of the baby bum hanging!!! sooooo creative!!

  7. Val says:

    WOW! What a GREAT video! You seriously made my day, no my week with that tip about the puppet scrunchie! GENIUS!

  8. Heather says:

    Wow! Very cool! I would be so nervous as well! But you did great! 🙂

  9. Dena says:

    Congratulations Carrie! It is a very well deserved spotlight and you performed wonderfully.

  10. Julie says:

    You are too cute Carrie! 🙂
    Loved the video. Lots of great info 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!
    Oh and yes, super adorable models!!!….as usual!

  11. lindey says:

    hi carrie- what a fun opportunity for you :o) love your scrunchie lens puppet! …i can’t wait for the newborn segment; thanks for sharing!

  12. Sheryl says:

    What an awesome opportunity! Great job and kudos to you!!!!

  13. peachy says:

    Hi carrie!
    Loved watching you in action! I always love seeing behind the scenes stuff.

  14. Melanie says:

    You are an amazing photographer! I love your work. I just read your podcast from 7 photography questions. Thanks for all the great info!

  15. lisa jordan says:

    wow. you were amazing! can’t wait to see the other segments…..

  16. lea says:

    I LOVED that, thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing the newborn segment! 🙂

  17. yeah, carrie!!!! such a great gig for you. you looked great and i can’t wait to see the next one. major congrats, lady! it’s so well deserved!

  18. Jade says:

    Soooo cool Carrie. You can always tell a true professional – they make it look SO easy and effortless. Congrats!!!

  19. Fantastic! That is probably as close as I will ever be to seeing the great Carrie Sandoval in action. Great tips…what a wonderful idea about the lens puppet–you area genius! Keep up the great work…can’t wait for the next segment.

  20. Liz P says:

    You were awesome!! You looked amazing, you really did.

    Everything flowed perfectly, and you really appeared professional and that you know what you’re doing. (which you do, of course)

    Love the lens puppet! I’m so going to make one right now! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  21. Graciete says:

    Many congratulations Carrie! Recognition so very well deserved for a pro who serves as inspiration to many…

    A big thank you for sharing with us all – your simplicity, talent, vision and connection to the little guy in this segment was lovely to watch.

  22. Jody says:

    Carrie – how awesome! I’m a big fan of yours and it was so cool to see you in action! Congrats!

  23. carrie! i just did one too – in new york for “how to look good in wedding pictures.” it was SO much fun! i checked the site today and saw your lovely face and work. i put some up on my blog ( from the session. as always, i adore your work!

  24. Ruby DelaCruz says:

    Congratulations, Carrie!
    You deserve all the recognition. Your work is truly art 🙂
    Hoping to work with you again soon…

  25. Melanie A says:

    So cool, Carrie! You handled it so well- I would’ve been a nervous wreck. 🙂 Carson was hilarious… and it was great to see you in action. Such a well-deserved honor!

  26. Zo Hummel says:

    Way to go, dude…you were awesome. You didn’t seem nervous at all.

  27. Tam Magdaleno says:

    Congrats Carrie, you did great!!! You’re such an inspiration.

  28. Ali says:

    Loved the videos Carrie. It was great to see how you work and Carson was hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  29. Stephanie says:

    I just finished watching the videos and I thought you were great and looked totally natural in front of the camera. Which is how I ended up at your blog. Thank you for sharing some great tips on photographing newborns too bad mine are older now 1 and 3.

  30. shannon says:

    i just saw you on that via youtube. i was doing some research for some upcoming shoots and i thought you did GREAT! i sent it to a few friends i loved it so much. oh how i wish i had known you w/ all 6 of my babies!!

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