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Britt and I have been brainstorming and we have a load of new ideas we are anxious to try out. Most of which involve 2 babies. So spread the word to all the multiples Mommy’s out there. We’ll have some fun!

This casting call will:

• be free of charge (however, prints may be purchased at regular rates).

• be goaled towards capturing a single image / pose (but if time and patience permits, additional poses and images may be attempted).

• require a model release (most likely the image will be published).

• be held at either Carrie’s studio or outdoor location of Carrie’s preference.

maui hawaii newborn baby photographer

hawaii newborn baby photographer

maui newborn baby photographer

maui hawaiian newborn baby photographer

Meet little Kapono and his big sister, Kamoana. He lives in Maui and is all of 3, 4 and 5 days old in the pictures above. He is the newest member of an incredibly beautiful and kind family. I am completely honored that I got to spend his first few days with him and his family. We had so much fun! © carrie sandoval | maui, hawaii

San Diego baby photographer

Wow, I’ve been loving color lately! And I am so happy that my clients are requesting the hanging shots… I was always too nervous to ask to try it out. Meet sweet Elina, 8 days old. She is my second to last newborn scheduled for 2008. My last is this weekend… in Hawaii!

I have put together a slideshow of all my 2008 babies. If you have a minute (or two or three), have a look:

THE BABIES of 2008 | SLIDESHOW  © carrie sandoval

San Diego newborn baby photographer 

San Diego newborn baby photographer 

All of 5 days old! © carrie sandoval | baby 

San Diego baby photographer

Kathryn Langsford. I have always admired her. She has been a film user (up until recently) and I always modeled my (digital) black and whites after gorgeous film images such as hers. I’ve admired her work for many years and you can still read a testimonial I wrote to her many years ago on her website! So… what an honor it is to be commissioned to photograph her and her sweet little Piper while she was visiting San Diego. © carrie sandoval | baby

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