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Meet sweet baby Ben – a 9+ pound peanut! © carrie sandoval | baby






As if photographing one of the OC’s hottest wedding photographers new baby wasn’t nerve wracking enough, you should have seen the walls full of art in their home! Doug and Chenin Boutwell have had their portraits made by some pretty amazing photographers… and here I am. To photograph their little Max… both honored and pressured, ha! Lots of mood here… cloudy day. And my first time taking the branch on tour!

Have you ever visited their action site? You need to: Totally Rad Actions. I spent a good part of my day playing on their site (shh! because you know I don’t use actions!)… *Way* cool (I mean, totally rad) how you can apply all the actions to a chosen image before you purchase! Very appropriately named.

© carrie sandoval | orange county

Ok, I’m doing this. I rarely enter contests (I blame procrastination!) and when I do, I enter and forget about it (and of course, I never win!). This time, I have been encouraged to “let people know”. So, Here I am! If you have a second (or many minutes, if you want to look around), go check out the contest at: Professional Photographer Magazine “Fresh Blog”. There are some awesome entries.

You can find me by typing 0152 into the grey box that says “ENTRY # ____ >>”, then clicking the >>. Thanks for looking!



And because I can’t post without a picture, meet Camille and Hayden, 10 day old twins – as tiny and as cute as they get!



This is one beautiful little boy. Lashes and chubbiness = adorable! Alexander, 5 days old.  © carrie sandoval | baby




That is what the shirt said that baby James wore during his photo session. The intense love these parents had for their baby is apparent in every picture I took. I feel extremely blessed to have spent the afternoon with James and his family. He truly has touched my life and further strengthened my love for what I do. Sweet baby James passed away just 2 days after these pictures were taken. My deepest sympathy is felt for this beautiful family. © carrie sandoval | redondo beach

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