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Ok, I’m doing this. I rarely enter contests (I blame procrastination!) and when I do, I enter and forget about it (and of course, I never win!). This time, I have been encouraged to “let people know”. So, Here I am! If you have a second (or many minutes, if you want to look around), go check out the contest at: Professional Photographer Magazine “Fresh Blog”. There are some awesome entries.

You can find me by typing 0152 into the grey box that says “ENTRY # ____ >>”, then clicking the >>. Thanks for looking!



And because I can’t post without a picture, meet Camille and Hayden, 10 day old twins – as tiny and as cute as they get!

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21 Responses to “Rock the vote! San Diego newborn baby photographer.”

  1. john waire says:

    double trouble 🙂

    you’ve got my vote carrie.

  2. Abigail Todd says:

    You are so good, how couldn’t you win? I love your work, you are such an inspiration to me and to many…at least you should get a prize for that! Those twins are precious. I am off to check out your contest entry!

  3. kate says:

    good luck with the contest!

    the twins are SO precious. i love the color in the first photo!

  4. SherriW says:

    They are beautiful. I adore shots like the second one shown where there is that connection. Black and whites always do me in as well. That first shot would look beautiful on their wall, with their decor in that room!

  5. Of course we’ll vote for you Carrie! So glad you let us know. You totally deserve this!

  6. Kelli Nicole says:

    Voted :). And I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures.

  7. I hope you win!!! The first image is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen!

  8. Tarnya says:

    Good Luck!

  9. Sarah Tolson says:

    So beautiful… such a gift you have!

  10. voted and crossing my fingers that you win! love these photos!

  11. tg says:

    Hi, your photos are amazing. I am a mom trying to take better photos with my little Rebel and 50mm 1.4…is there any chance you would answer the following:

    With so much of your work being close-up, what lens do you use?
    Do you tend to shoot wide open?
    Do you crop and, if not, how are you able to get such sharp images at that close of a distance?


  12. Mel says:

    Good lick with the contest. Love everything about the first images, you sure do have a gift

  13. Carrie says:

    Thanks everyone!
    Tg, here are my answers:
    For close ups, I use a 105mm micro.
    With the macro? I close up a lot with my macro (around 4.5) because it is so extremely shallow. I go wider with the portrait style shots (50mm 1.4- usually between 1.8 – 3.2).
    I try to get as close in camera as I can.

  14. Alissa says:

    Gorgeous photos, of course, and I sure hope you win! You have an incredible gift. Good luck!!! =)

  15. Heather says:

    You have my kuddos! I did my first twin shoot this past week and holy cow is it difficult! I was so frustrated with myself. You have a great talent.

  16. I just stumbled upon your site. Gorgeous work, very inspiring!!



  17. Hi Carrie,
    I’ve been dying to tell you (but sorry I have been forgetting!) that I was reading the PPMag (just got a subscription at Christmas) and I read a back issue where your photograph just missed out on the cover. Can I just say, that hands down you should have been front cover? Honestly, your baby images are superb, awesome and amazing – and I loved that paticular one. So when’s the book coming out, and will I be able to get one even though I live in Australia?
    Best regards from Oz

  18. lesley says:

    I am one of your blog lurkers, but had to come out of the closet for this one. Beautiful. I have 2 1/2 year old twins so I know how hard it is to get good pictures of TWO babies. Very, very beautiful.

  19. j\ says:

    beautiful shots!

  20. Sarrah says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and I want to tell you your work is AMAZING!!! I hope one day mine will progress to your quality!
    Just Beautiful!

    Oh, and where did you find your twiggy basket and wood bowl?

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