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Pregnant in Australia?

August 12, 2009

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First, let me say, “WOW!”! I’ve photographed some GORGEOUS Mommy’s lately and I can’t wait to meet their babies!

Secondly, I hope I am not jumping the gun here, but I thought that a post filled with beautiful bellies would be a good time to grab the interest of my Aussie friends who may either be pregnant or who are photographers who photograph bellies and babies! I know you are out there because there is more interest in The Baby as Art Workshop traveling to Australia than anywhere else in the world! This is not for sure, but if there is interest in modeling (IMO, the key to a successful workshop), Brittany and I would seriously considering visiting down under. Preferably in January, Australia’s summer time! Email us if interested!

ETA: Wow! I am floored by the immediate interest and an email box full of potential models! I just wanted to clarify that this would be for NEWBORN models, and that is why I was calling out to those who are pregnant right now. The location and date are still very flexible as of now. If we are coming to Australia, we would most likely visit two different coasts in one visit! Thanks again!

All images © carrie sandoval | maternity

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39 Responses to “Pregnant in Australia?”

  1. lisa jordan says:

    hi carrie,
    l am not pregnant but would love to attend a workshop if you do decide to head down under! Yes Please!!

  2. LOVELEY!!!!!! 2nd one is stunning!

  3. Karmel says:

    These are beautiful!! I just left a comment on your Flickr image and if you are coming to Australia, I need to be at your workshop!!! To learn from the master would be an absolute dream come true!!! Please dont forget me when you are organising!!!

  4. Karmel says:

    Oh forgot to say, my friend is pregnant and is due on the 28th of January so if you are looking for models she may be available if she hasnt popped!! And if she has, we may be able to use her baby!!

  5. Oh Carrie, as an aussie photographer who absolutely adores your work, I think you guys would LOVE Australia and would love to see what you do in our gorgeous country!! =)

  6. Lauren says:

    Gorgeous, have a couple of friends pg at the moment, will chat to them!!

  7. Sherri W says:

    Stunning Moms, wow! That first and third image are beautiful and true works of art.

  8. Im over on the West coast so i’d probably have to fly over – only thing is im due on 12 Jan…Come to PERTH !!!! Its hotter over here and sooo Beautiful ! ( im trying to talk you into this ?!?!?)

  9. Jessica says:

    Oh, these are all beautiful, Carrie! Just really amazingly feminine and lovely!

  10. Julia Wade says:

    Just beautiful images. AH!!! Love it!

  11. Maryann Koh says:

    love the ones on the beach! i was told that we would be informed of a workshop in Oz by July but i have not heard from you. pls include me in the loop 🙂 thanks!

  12. Kelly says:

    Hi! My photographer friend emailed me your link. I love these pics! I’m due December 4th so I’m not sure how new you want these babies….

  13. Lisa says:

    I second a visit to perth! It’s the place to be!

    I am both interested in attending and am growing my own model . . but being due Nov 11 maybe a bit earlier than you’d like.

  14. F Miller says:

    Hi Carrie

    I am pregnant at the moment and will be having my baby in December. Would love to be involved in both the workshop and offering up my little one as a model!! I am in Sydney!

  15. I know of 3 ladies and myself who would be keen to attend a workshop here in Western Australia. This is THE place to be in the land down under but is a world away from east coast.

    And just to be in tune with the other comments – no I ain’t expecting a bub but I do enjoy photographing them 🙂

  16. ooh… so lovely

  17. Kelly Vella says:

    Love your work!.. I am a Sydney based photographer and would be happy to put the word out on my blog if you decide to come to Sydney… I have lots of maternity sessions booked for the end of the year… so surely there will be a few that are timed right for newborn [day3-10] sessions in Jan-Feb… keep us posted!

  18. Brandie says:

    Another one voting for Perth we are always left out lol ! Would love to do your workshop 🙂

  19. Beautiful photos.

    I am a photographer in Sydney and would love to attend your workshop.

  20. antoinette lines says:

    please email me if you do come i would love to be there.South australia is lovely 🙂

  21. Oh come on Carrie a trip to Australia would be FANTASTIC. Especially as I would love to attend a workshop and by chance I should be there in January. Please pick SYDNEY pretty … and please add me to the Workshop wishlist. Excited!

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  23. Shelly says:

    Another vote for Perth WA.

    You set the date in Perth and i’ll personally make it my mission to find the models:)

    I was just checking on your next american workshops as we are travelling to visit friends in the US for christmas and by chance found this thread.

    But if you are coming here all the better
    Come on down, you won’t be dissapointed!!

    Please keep me i loop too

  24. Kylie says:

    Yes please …. come to Sydney. Please add me to your waiting list. I’m an aspiring newborn photographer. Thanks.

  25. Lucy says:

    Yay! Would travel ANYWHERE in Australia to learn how to photograph newborns like you!! And if you held a workshop in Tasmania that’d be perfect!!

  26. Elichia says:

    How can i get into your class!!!

  27. IamMel says:

    I have been um’ing and ar’ing over your Australia workshop and have decided there is no way I can miss out!! Please add me to your class list. xxx Mel

  28. Jo Frances says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to come to your workshop too. Please add me to the list! Yay! Jo

  29. Lyn says:

    Hi. Any news on your Australian workshop? I have been following your work for a while now and simply love all of the work you do. I am moving to Singapore in December, but would be on the first flight back for one of your workshops. Anywhere in Australia would be great, but Sydney would be fantastic, then I can visit family at the same time!!!! Look forward to hearing from you soon with the dates! Please keep me in the loop!
    xx Lyn

  30. Skye T says:

    +1 who would love to attend a workshop, in Melbourne but prepared to travel…could round up a few newborns for sure!!

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  32. Forgot to say yes please add me to your email list for the aussie workshops….Sydney please…

  33. Deborah Cotter says:

    Definitely interested in attending a workshop … please let me know if and when a workshop is running. I’m in Canberra and would love to be proficient when the grandbabies start hatching.

  34. Peta Horsten says:

    Very excited when I came across this thread!! I am a photographer in Perth and I would absolutely love to attend your workshop. I too would be willing to travel to attend so please add me to your mailing list. You guys are absolutely amazing and I would love to learn from you & Britt 🙂

  35. I am on Queenslands Gold Coast and I would LOVE to attend one on your workshops!! How exciting.

  36. Hasinah says:

    very excited to attend your aussie workshop, i ‘m in melbourne……pls add me to your list

  37. Lorna Kirkby says:

    I am a photographer in Melbourne and would be very interested in knowing more about your workshop! Please let me have more information!!! Thanks 🙂

  38. Jessica Yaeger says:

    Hi Carrie, If it’s not too late I would love to attend your workshop. It would be an absolute dream. Could you please please add me to your list? I’m in Adelaide but would happily travel anywhere to attend one of your workshops. Please keep me updated. Thanks 🙂

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