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This is by no means a sneak peek. Mama has already seen her gallery, but I fell so far behind that I was never able to give her a sneak peek. And it breaks my heart because Kayla is just to sweet to not share. And I was reminded by her sweetness as I bite into one of the “Cheryl & Co.” cookies that her mother sent me after our session. (My clients are the best!) Better late than never, meet Kayla; 2 weeks old from Los Angeles (my first baby to be awake whilst in the “stork bundle”!).  © carrie sandoval | newborn photographer

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14 Responses to “Shout out. Los Angeles baby photographer”

  1. Sissel says:

    You know, I think it is so adorable that these babies are sleeping while hanging in that “stork” sac, but NOW I don’t know. This image with Kayla awake is just as awesome.

  2. Tonia says:

    Awww….love those cheeks!!! Love the back curls on that last one…lol. Carrie – your AWESOME!

  3. elena w says:

    so adorable 🙂
    the yawn you captured is a perfect picture of cozy, cuddly and sweet sleepiness in a newborn.

  4. Jennifer O. says:

    Those are so sweet! Love those chubby cheeks!

  5. That is one super swoop!!! She was such a gorgeous lil girl! I absolutely love that sibling shot! He was such a good big brother!

  6. Shannon says:

    I agree, the yawn is perfectly captured, but I think the second picture is my favorite, it’s just a great sibling shot.

  7. Caitlin says:

    Too cute for words!

  8. andi says:

    that sibling shot is so darn cute.

  9. Teryn Glenn says:


    What fabric is the image with the baby hanging in the photo second from the bottom? It looks similar to cheese cloth, but it looks a little more sturdy and stretchy? Did you dye it pink? Thanks!


  10. Carrie says:

    Teryn, yes, it is cheese cloth dyed pink!

  11. Stacey Lund says:

    These are lovely. The first one melts my heart.

  12. Jackie says:

    Ahhhh! LOVE the yawning shot! I am ALWAYS looking for the yawn:) Beautiful work!

  13. Mackenzie says:

    the babies are so cute .
    the look so cute

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