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Meet baby Naida. She was the first baby I have ever photographed who did not wake up to eat, fuss, pee or poop the entire session. And… she slept in the car the whole way from Chula Vista, to boot! She woke up at the very end, though… and she was rightfully very hungry. Thank you, Naida, for being such a fantastic model! More, bigger on the baby as art blog! © carrie sandoval

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8 Responses to “Who could ask for anything more? | Newborn baby photographer San Diego”

  1. i love this one. PERFECT shot!

  2. Niecey says:

    I am convinced you are the worlds best baby photographer ever.

  3. What an awesome picture ! I love it ! … and I love cute little babies !


  4. Sheree says:

    Gorgeous shot Carrie! What a perfect model – I think I did exactly the same when I was a baby – I was such a lazy baby (;P), completely out of it (my mother had to wake me for a feed, or so my mother’s remembers but that was over 30 years ago now!)

  5. jaime says:

    great job naida! and you too carrie! you and brit inspire me so much. all of these images make my heart skip a beat~

  6. Abby says:

    what a perfect baby!

  7. Renee Bell says:

    what a champ!!!! Love the pic 🙂

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