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Vote for Lily!

gap casting call for baby models

gap baby model casting call

I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but boy could I see Lily up at the Gap. Don’t you agree? If you have a minute, please vote for my Lil’ bean! Vote for Lily!
Lily’s official buddy and photographer is Brittany Woodall! © baby as art | baby

newborn photography workshop

Ok, before I get down to business, let me gush over this beautiful little girl a bit… doesn’t she have the most amazing lashes? And hair? She a true beauty! I + T, it has been an honor to photograph both of your babes! Keep up the good work 😉

Now that she has your attention for me, I’d like to announce our last newborn photography workshop for this year. The workshop will be held in north San Diego on November 14 and 15, therefore, I am looking for tiny models that are due around that time. Please email Carrie if you are currently pregnant and would like more details about what will be given to participants as a thank you. Thanks for reading! © carrie sandoval | newborn photography

A baby is born.

July 3, 2009

newborn photographer baby photography tree branch

This post has been sitting as a draft on my blog for 3 months now. I couldn’t decide whether or not to post it. I entered this image into my very first PPA International Print Competition in May but I don’t think it got accepted, so I am going to finally blog it after all!

Ok, as for the title, I don’t mean just this sweet baby girl. I had dreamt of this shot for the past year, back when I first started pairing up tree parts with babies. Part of the process was finding the perfect “prop”. I still hadn’t found it as of last August (08) when fellow photographer Shawn Houllis agreed to let me try a few ideas out on her new baby. Because it was warm out, we tried this on a live tree outside and failed… well, not completely, but I knew it could be better (and I am thankful that I was successful with other shots for Shawn so she didn’t walk away empty handed!). So, ever since then, I’ve been on the prowl for the perfect fallen tree with the perfect swoop in it.  Even my kids would point out tree stumps to me during car rides. Finally, about 4 months ago, I stopped in my tracks. I had found the perfect fallen tree. I think my husband was happy to shut me up, so he gladly gassed up his chainsaw and brought it home for me. And what perfect timing. Another photographer friend, Sheryl Paulino was about to have a baby girl. I am so thankful for fellow photographers who trust me enough to try new ideas out on. So, here she is. Little Miss Kayla… 3 weeks old (at the time). Thank you Shawn and Sheryl for fueling my obsession of babies and trees!  © carrie sandoval | baby

newborn baby twins baby twin photography san diego photographer

I am alive! And I have recent sessions to share but first I must post a casting call! This time for a reason different than having a new idea I want to try out. Brittany Woodall and I are [finally] offering newborn photography workshops. And that means we need models. The first workshop is May 23-24 and the second is June 26-27. We will be needing 2-4 miniature models for each day. These models should be less than 3 weeks old (preferably 1 week old) at the time of either two workshops. If you are expecting a baby [or knows someone in the San Diego / Orange County area who is ] please email me for details about what is expected of participants and what will be given to the wonderful families. © carrie sandoval | newborn

twins baby babies photographer photography san diego

Britt and I have been brainstorming and we have a load of new ideas we are anxious to try out. Most of which involve 2 babies. So spread the word to all the multiples Mommy’s out there. We’ll have some fun!

This casting call will:

• be free of charge (however, prints may be purchased at regular rates).

• be goaled towards capturing a single image / pose (but if time and patience permits, additional poses and images may be attempted).

• require a model release (most likely the image will be published).

• be held at either Carrie’s studio or outdoor location of Carrie’s preference.

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