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My boy. He has a dream.

July 19, 2011

At one point, we were all amatures, right? Pictured above is my little boy, born July 16, 2000. At the time, I was a MWAC… or shall I say a “Mom with a point and shoot”? I was obsessed with taking his picture, but didn’t become serious from a photography stand-point until 3 years after he was born. He just turned 11 years old this past weekend. Time sure flies!

He was destined to be a fan of motor sports between my and my husbands family. He started riding dirt bikes when he was 3 years old, around the same time I picked up my dSLR. We have grown a lot together and now he is an amature motocross racer. He races local races just about every weekend and is racing 2 big national races this year; Mammoth MX and Ponca City. He also has a chance to win a trip to race in Utah and pit with the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath! Jeremy was his original inspiration and he wants to win this contest BAD. I told him that I would help him out if he could prove to me how much he wanted to win. I sat down with him and “interviewed” him and we created a photo essay on why he wants to win this contest. Please read below… and if you are on Facebook and has a spare minute, cast him a vote!


“Motoplayground is holding a contest to win a trip to race in Utah and pit with Jeremy McGrath and I want to win! Jeremy McGrath was my very first favorite rider. He is the king of supercross! When I was 2, I used to wear these pajamas all the time.”

“I think Jeremy’s room may have looked a lot like mine when he was a kid. I hope to follow in his footsteps!”

“And now I have a chance to meet him! Not only that, but to win a race in Utah and maybe a few pictures in motoplayground magazine! That would be sick! So, here is what you need to do to vote for me:
First, you need to “like” the moto playground fan page, then go to my photo here and click “like”. Clicking “like” gets me one more vote to victory! Your vote means a lot.”

CLICK ON THIS TEXT AND “LIKE” THE MOTOPLAYGROUND FAN PAGE (you have to do this in order to “like” Mikey’s picture)

CLICK ON THIS TEXT AND “LIKE” MY PICTURE (“liking” my picture = a vote!)

Thank you, and check out my favorite pictures of me riding. My Mom took them! Mikey Sandoval”

Thank you all for reading and voting. I will let you know the results! Carrie

holiday card 2009

I am taking a break from packing for our New Years camping adventure… to put up one last blog post this year. I thought I would share our holiday card and wish you all a healthy and happy ‘010!

And, I can’t say good-bye without holding a toast to all my babies born in ’09. See my tribute to them here (posted as a PAGE link above the header ): Babies Born 2009. Until next year…

© carrie sandoval | newborn photographer

Vote for Lily!

gap casting call for baby models

gap baby model casting call

I’ve never done this sort of thing before, but boy could I see Lily up at the Gap. Don’t you agree? If you have a minute, please vote for my Lil’ bean! Vote for Lily!
Lily’s official buddy and photographer is Brittany Woodall! © baby as art | baby

newborn twins photographer

newborn twins photographer


Quite belated, I KNOW! I was waiting until my sister mailed out all of her announcements. So, even though they are now 3 months old and more than DOUBLE their birth weight, I’m sharing their birth announcement. It is a 5×5 trifold. Here is the cover and a micro-sized version of the inside when un-folded. © carrie sandoval | baby 

newborn baby photographer san diego

I can’t believe my niece and nephew are already over two weeks old! And I was really hoping to have an “introduction” post by now, but I am so sad to report that our little Ian is still in the nicu. He was all set to come home last Sunday, but then a hole was discovered in his intestine (necrotizing enterocolitis). He is doing great and we are hoping he can come home in the next two weeks. In the meantime, I am having a blast with my little Libby girl. I hope I don’t wear her out by the time her brother joins her in the modeling! © carrie sandoval | baby

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