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baby photographer newborn photographer san diego

Meet baby Naida. She was the first baby I have ever photographed who did not wake up to eat, fuss, pee or poop the entire session. And… she slept in the car the whole way from Chula Vista, to boot! She woke up at the very end, though… and she was rightfully very hungry. Thank you, Naida, for being such a fantastic model! More, bigger on the baby as art blog! © carrie sandoval

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This session came as a pleasant surprise. Friend and fellow photographer, Deb Schwedhelm, photographed Xavier’s gorgeous parents before he was born. Deb ended up having a very exciting week and she was so gracious to share this gorgeous family with me. At any rate, meet Xavier. He’s 5 days old here. (T+J – I have a special, unexpected surprise for you in your gallery. Coming soon!) © carrie sandoval | baby

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baby photographer san diego newborn photography

Ha! I told Brody’s parents that I was going to blog this image just seconds after I took it. Isn’t that smile contagious? Come on… I know you are smiling! I think the second image compliments it perfectly; awake vs. asleep, dark vs. light, left vs. right, color vs. black and white. Welcome to the world little man! © carrie sandoval | baby

san diego newborn photographer baby photography

newborn photography baby photographer san diego

I am looking at my calendar for this week and I notice that this Thursday is little Isabella’s due date. She was born four weeks early (yes, I am still behind on my blog posts!) and adorably petite. She was not quite five pounds, or so says my “new” scale that I pieced together > vintage wood bowl + antique scale. © carrie sandoval | baby

newborn photographer baby photography san diego

newborn photographer baby photography san diego

newborn photography baby photographer san diego

Meet beautiful Ava. She is 10 days old here and the new baby sister to her adoring 5 year old brother and sister. Mama had a few requests for shots she had seen on my website. I am so surprised that little Ava was compliant enough to pose for all of them. Loved her! © carrie sandoval | baby

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