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orange county maternity photographer pregnancy photography

orange county maternity photographer pregnancy photography

orange county maternity photographer pregnancy photography

She truly made my job easy… being beautiful and knowing just what to do. My head is already swarming with Mama + baby posing ideas! Eliot, the big sister to be, is proof that this is going to be one gorgeous baby! © carrie sandoval | maternity

newborn photography baby photography san diego

newborn photographer baby photography san diego

newborn photography baby photographer san diego

newborn baby photographer san diego photography

Newborn babies are my favorite subjects. Hands down! Meet little miss Sarah. She was a complete angel the entire session and we were able to do so much with her. Thanks so much for looking! © carrie sandoval | baby

Los Angeles newborn photographer

Manhattan Beach newborn baby photographer

… (his Daddy plays hockey for the LA Kings!) His timing is impeccable, as he arrived right in between games. He was all of three days old during his session. © carrie sandoval

Twin Newborn photographer baby photography

Meet Analise and Michael, oh-so-adorable and compliant 7 day old twins. Britt and I had a blast with these two. Just one for now. I’m sure I will share others later because this is definitely a favorite twins session, but I want to keep them under wraps (new pose, new prop!) for a bit (*snicker*, the suspense). I first saw heart shaped twins by Sharon Wright ages (5 years?) ago, and have always wanted to spin it myself. It took me that long! Thanks for visiting!  © carrie sandoval | newborn twins





Wow, I’m coming up for air… sorry it’s been so long since my last post. This first image is dedicated to John Waire (who always comments to my posts… thanks so much for your continued support!). I’ve been promising him an out-take for such a long time and I know I have some gems from long ago, but I don’t have the time to dig for them. So, when I was going through Nash’s images and saw him giving me the bird, I thought of John. Perfect! I mean, really, really, perfect. Little Nash was not very fond of being naked or our constant posing… I think he seriously gave me the bird on purpose! Sigh… no guessing where this little fella gets his good looks from! And a side note… I hesitated posting the last picture because I so recently did, but why not? It’s heavily requested… and this Daddy had *the* perfect arms for the pose. What can I say?  © carrie sandoval | baby

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