March 20, 2009


Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! Send me an email and we will arrange it.

What is the best age to photograph a newborn?

I am only half joking when she says “I will meet you home from the hospital”. As long as Mommy is feeling ready, the younger the baby, the better ~ preferably 2 weeks or younger. Brand new babies are preferred because they are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping, they are more “pliable” and less likely to have newborn acne which usually flares up around 3 weeks of age.

Will you travel to our home for the session?

Sessions are currently only held in my home studio. If you live near the Fallbrook area, please inquire.

Are the digital negatives available for purchase?

Digital files are included in the session fee.

What is your favorite age to photograph?

That’s a trick question, since I love photographing children of all ages. Admittedly, my two favorite ages are newborns 2 weeks and younger and 6-8 month olds, when they are sitting, sucking their toes and blossoming with personality. Ages 15 months to about 2.5 years are the most challenging and the portraits take on a more journalistic look.



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