March 20, 2009


I was hoping you could send me some more information on your newborn workshops…

Thank you for your interest! For more information, please visit the Baby as Art Workshop blog.

How do you suspend babies?

Carrie has been inundated with emails asking how to suspend babies. This is covered in detail at every  Baby as Art Workshop. Carrie wishes to keep her techniques exclusive to her attendees.

Starting out with baby photography in OZ having immigrated from South Africa and I have listened to your podcast which naturally pointed me towards your website. Your work, are jewls on display. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift. I love photographing in natural light but just cant seem to get the crispness of the photo and then revert to bounce flash . What ISO and F.Stop do you shoot in? Thanking you in advance Carrie.

Thank you! Working with natural light only, my ISO is always on the move! In the morning, my studio is on the darker side and my ISO’s are around 500-800. As the day goes on, it gets very bright and ISO’s get as low as 100. The Nikon D3 handles it all extremely well. I will shoot wide open (f/1.6) and close up (f/3.2) as I move closer to the subject. When using wide apertures, don’t be afraid to overshoot. It’s easy to miss-focus with wide apertures.

What camera and lenses do you use and what are your favorites?

Carrie has used both Canon and Nikon, both with stellar results. She currently shoots with a Nikon D3 and will never look back. Her favorite all around lens is the 50mm 1.4. Others favorite lenses : 85mm 1.4, 105mm 2.8 macro and 28mm 1.4mm. As you can see, Carrie prefers prime lenses… they are sharp and fast.

What kind of gauzy material to you use in the wrapped baby picture?

It’s a piece of cheese cloth.

What do you lay babies in?

A beanbag. Assuming you don’t mean the obvious props; bowls, baskets, etc.

Can you tell me a great place to order the wood type pieces that you use to put the babies in? I love them!

Rarely does Carrie buy something manufactured. Most of of her pieces are straight from the wilderness or from a commissioned wood carver or wood turner. Local antique and shabby chic shops, ebay and craigslist are favorite places to “shop”.

Do you use actions to convert your images to black and white?

Nope! Each image is individually crafted.

Do you still design logos?

No. Carrie highly recommends: www.fortheloveofcreating.com


Do you offer gift certificates?

No. Unless the person giving the gift will also be a partner in ordering prints (such as a husband gifting his wife).

What is the best age to photograph a newborn?

Carrie is only half joking when she says “I will meet you home from the hospital”. As long as Mommy is feeling ready, the younger the baby, the better ~ preferably 2 weeks or younger. Carrie prefers fresh newborns because they are less likely to be disturbed while sleeping, they are more “pliable” and less likely to have newborn acne which usually flares up around 3 weeks of age.

Will our portraits turn out better if the session is held in your studio?

Not necessarily. Carrie uses all natural lighting and she knows her studio well. But she also prides herself in “finding the light” no matter where the session is held. In client homes, she looks for large windows or glass doors which have little outside obstruction (trees or patio covers). Upper levels are even better!

Are the digital negatives available for purchase?

Yes! Finally. Digital negatives are available in Collection A (see rates).

What is your favorite age to photograph?

That’s a trick question, since Carrie loves photographing children of all ages. Although, she must admit that her 2 favorite ages are newborns 2 weeks and younger and 6-8 month olds, when they are sitting, sucking their toes and blossoming with personality. Ages 15 months to about 2.5 years are the most challenging and the portraits take on a more journalistic look.

How far in advance should I book my session?

As soon as you decide you want my services, book your session! Carrie is typically booked 2 months in advance, usually even further during the holiday months.

What is the cut-off date for ordering prints in order to have them for the holidays?

December 1st.

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