This is one beautiful little boy. Lashes and chubbiness = adorable! Alexander, 5 days old.  © carrie sandoval | baby




That is what the shirt said that baby James wore during his photo session. The intense love these parents had for their baby is apparent in every picture I took. I feel extremely blessed to have spent the afternoon with James and his family. He truly has touched my life and further strengthened my love for what I do. Sweet baby James passed away just 2 days after these pictures were taken. My deepest sympathy is felt for this beautiful family. © carrie sandoval | redondo beach

newborn photography baby photographer

newborn photographer baby photography

Such a little guy, such a big boy name! 6 days old and pleasure to work with! © carrie sandoval


Thanks so much to Laura Siebert, I have been looking for a twiggy basket for so long! And Mr. Talon looks adorable nest-led up in it, doesn’t he?  © carrie sandoval | baby



This little beauty was 8 days old and the first of this weeks baby boom! © carrie sandoval

[ On a side note… did anyone notice that I am able to post wider images? I really dig my simple blog and was trying so hard not to switch, so I sat down and studied the code and figured out how to make it wider. I’m quite proud of myself! I can go even wider… but afraid of it spilling off laptop displays. I would love any feedback!  ]

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