Little Landon just celebrated his first birthday. Isn’t he adorable?? © carrie sandoval

Oh my gauze.

January 22, 2009

So, I was in Bed Bath and Beyond today picking up some cheese cloth. Since it was only $3.99 per pack, I grabbed 5 of them. The manager of the store (I assume) was moving the stocking ladder away and he says, “Ma’am?”… “May I ask you a question?” … “What in the world are you buying so many of those for?”… “I ask because they used to collect dust, and now they just fly of the shelves.” I laughed and replied, “Well… it may be because of me (or it may be that people are putting together some mean first aid kits!).” And I went on to tell him that I wrap babies in it, I hang babies from branches in it (or, rather, in something very similar to this). Let me back up a bit… I bought yards and yards of gauze off a bolt at a fabric store in 2004 and I haven’t been able to find it again since. I still have pieces of that first sacred gauze, but it’s become quite worn. So, in the past year, I have been known to cut up $50 curtains that are similar to my original stuff. You gotta do what you gotta do! So, a good photography friend (Michelle Carr) of mine tipped me off to the cheesecloth at BB+B… “And that’s what brought me here today”. He was very intrigued, so I handed him a card so he could see this stuff in action, hehe.

I get asked what I hang the babies in daily, so I figured this would make for a good blog post. I’m not sure if I should call it gauze or cheesecloth, though. The stuff from BB+B is a bit different than my original stuff, but darn close. I will be able to better tell once I use it at a session.

I thought I would post some really old pictures. This first one (May 05) is ironically not only the first time I used the gauze, but also the first newborn that Britt and I photographed together during one of her visits! 


I didn’t really fall in love with the stuff until I photographed my Lily wrapped in it one year later (May 06). This is one of my favorite images and this is when my gauze obsession began!


And as you know (re: my previous post), it now has evolved into a “suspending” device. Here is one more from April 08… the original piece has seen many babies!


Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope I was informative (whew, I think that was the most words to ever come out of my fingers!).  © carrie sandoval

newborn baby photography branch photographer

orange county newborn baby photographer 

orange county newborn baby photography

Born 01-01-09… this little guy is a night time party animal. Mom and Dad were a little tired, but it made for a fantastic photoshoot. He was putty in my hands… the entire session! As you can tell by my splash page, I love the first image. Yep, more hanging babies… I am so happy my clients are loving them… I try to make each one unique! I am also loving Brittany’s hand painted background. Proud Daddy still had his hospital bracelet on, isn’t that adorable? 2009 is off to a great start! © carrie sandoval | orange county 

fallbrook newborn baby photographer

fallbrook newborn baby photographer 

Meet Alex. He’s 3.5 weeks old and was brought home to Fallbrook from across the country!

I’ve been obsessed with wrapping babies in transparent wraps since my 2.5 year old Lily-bean was a newborn herself. I’ve been on a knit kick for the past few months (and keeping a handful of {awesome} knitters busy!) and I love the look of the loose knit and how you can still see baby through it. It’s delicateness compliments a baby perfectly!  © carrie sandoval | baby

temecula newborn baby photographer

Meet Sadie and her wonderful parents. She was the last baby I photographed in 2008! © carrie sandoval | baby

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