Tuition of $2900 USD is due within 48 business hours of receipt of invoice and is non-refundable. Failure to pay the tuition within the alotted time will result in the loss of your seat as we will need to move to the next person on the waiting list. See payment plan details below. 

2014 Australian Workshop Dates 

PERTH, AUSTRALIA | February 15th + 16th 2014
Host: Hilary Adamson

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA | February 18th+19th 2014
Host: The Garage Studio

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA | February 22nd+23rd 2014
Host: Jemma Entriken

Learn | This is your opportunity to finally learn from the best newborn photographers in the industry. During the two day Baby as Art Workshops students will learn everything from the basics of proper lighting to the complex processes of safely posing newborns. Students will have the opportunity to observe Carrie and Brittany work through every step of artistic creation; from the initial drafting of new and original Baby as Art ideas to the final finishing touches in photoshop. The learning doesn’t stop there though. Attendees will get an in-depth insight on the business processes that have brought Baby as Art’s success in the highly competitive portrait photography industry. Workshop attendees are invited to learn through the dynamic pair who have been defined by the children’s photography community as trend setters and “THE definitive modern baby photographers” -Stephanie Beatty.

2014 Australian Two Day Workshop | The cost of the two day Baby as Art workshop is $2,900 USD. Tuition includes two days of instruction by Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall. Also included is a beautifully designed workbook that includes the workshop in cliff-notes style and a complete collection of some of Carrie and Brittany’s most notable work. In addition to the workbook, students will also receive the Baby as Art NEST™, which is an integral component to their set-up staging. Tuition is due within 48 business hours of reservation and is non-refundable. There is a limited seating of 14 students per workshop session.

Itinerary | The two-day class begins with a meet and greet at 9:30 with official instruction beginning at 10:00. During the first day of instruction students will have the opportunity to observe the Baby as Art team critiquing their own early work, posing and explaining their signature set-ups. Day one curriculum will also cover a small intro into the distinct black and white conversion processing techniques that Carrie and Brittany are so well known for. The first day’s instruction will end at 5:00. Class will resume on the following day at 9:30 and will cover further posing instruction with newborn models, continued work in photoshop, a question and answer session, a business explanation session and finally a portfolio review for each student. Students will be invited to take pictures and video of not only the set-up and posing processes, but students are also encouraged to participate by taking their own pictures of the babies in each set up. Class ends on the second day at 5:00pm. To avoid missing any important information at the end of class, students are encouraged to book their returning flights no earlier than 9 pm on the second day. Baby as Art takes advantage of every moment of class time. The workshops always go non-stop with very little down-time. A continental breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served to students both days.

Suggestions | The Baby as Art Workshop curriculum will cover advanced exposure techniques, which require a moderate understanding of manual exposure. It is recommended that the student have a 50mm prime lens as this is the lens that will be used primarily during instruction. Students should also bring up to five 8×10 or 8×12 prints for the portfolio review segment.

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Meet baby Riley… doesn’t she have the most kiss-able, pinch-able cheeks ever?

If you are wondering what this post has to do with CrossFit… Riley’s Daddy is Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit (that’s her birthweight and time above… PR!).
Thank you for visiting! All images © Carrie Sandoval | 

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Luke and Kate

September 11, 2013

Luke has been the perfect model since day one. See what I mean, here.

He is pleased to announce that he has a new baby sister, Kate.

And Kate is happy to follow in her big brother’s footsteps as a perfect model.

Just like big brother, Mommy and Daddy, Kate is already an avid cyclist! Thanks for looking!
All images © carrie sandoval | baby photographer 2013 

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… and gets bigger, the farther that it flows.
I followed Leslie’s pregnancy ever since she posted the touching video announcement on Facebook. Saying that Leyla (big sister-to-be) was tickled was an understatement! Leslie was one of the most radiant pregnant women I had ever seen… and her documentation was incredible. So! The pressure was on… to add to this documentation. Presenting baby River at one week old!

All images © Carrie Sandoval | Captured by Carrie photography

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The happiest baby on earth!

August 26, 2013

This little girl amazed me and the attendees of the second UK workshop. She flashed a few of the typical newborn sleepy smiles, but legitimately smiled in response to her Daddy… which lead to a big “AWWWWWWE!” from the attendees. In turn, she responded with an even bigger smile. She repeated the whole scene when Mommy was holding her. She was only 10 days old and I am convinced these were real smiles. This has to be a world record, right?
More Cambridge, UK babies here! 

All images © carrie sandoval | newborn photographer

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