January 21, 2008

Carrie’s love for newborn photography was first sparked by the beautiful book “Until Now” by Anne Geddes. Over time, Carrie has paved her own path capturing unique newborn artwork. Carrie prides herself in constantly pushing the envelope by finding inspiration within herself and through each individual baby. You may often find her with a pencil and paper sketching out new ideas the night before a session… an obvious result of her graphic design background!

Sandi Hicks “I am a fellow photographer located in San Antonio, TX, and have been a huge fan of your work for quite some time. I just wanted to thank you for always being so open to share, for being so inspirational, and continuing to raise the bar when it comes to newborn photography. I love your style – the way you always keep the focus on the baby, and you have made a major impact on how I do my photography. You keep it fresh, new, & continually amaze me with what you both come up with – and that’s hard to do in an environment now where so many copy or imitate.”

Jeanette LeBlanc “Just wanted to say that I’ve always loved your work, but lately you just seem to be soaring. Often imitated, never duplicated 🙂 🙂 You rock!.“

Shirley Tse “I am just starting out as a children’s photographer and wanted to tell you how beautiful your shots are. I just listened to your 7 questions podcast in preparation for a newborn shoot tomorrow and learned so much from you. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. It’s truly a blessing to have experienced photographers like you who are willing to share with newbies like me! Best, Shirley Tse”

Anapaula Rocha “Thank you for sharing such a talent with all of us. My first encounter was by seeing Lily’s slideshow. Every time I have a baby session to do, I refer to it and my heart fills with inspiration. Most of my clientele are children and toddlers and I think given my background in Sociology of Childhood as well as photography, it is my best area. However who can resist the sweet newborn or chubby cheeks of a young baby?! I try to produce images which reflect a great degree of interaction even when words are not present. The eye contact and the honesty of my feelings towards the subject has to prevail when photograhing young babies. That is why I admire your work because I can see in your photographs, YOU. I can see talent and creativity but most of all I can see YOU as a person, trying to convey something unique and very special. So I have to thank you to show me that even when we are photographing such tiny people, we can and aim  to express their personality , their special connection with the world and us.”

Mikey Sandoval “you are the bist faotogor.“

Melanie Akin “Carrie is one of my favorite photographers. She has such a gifted eye- she can find the beauty and artistry in the simplest of moments. Her work takes your breath away. And not only is she an incredibly talented photographer…she is as kind and down to earth as they come. Even for us beginning photographers- she always takes the time to share. She is one of a kind and her work is unforgettable.”

Jinky “Amazing ..inspiring…thoughtful…captivating… terrific…ok I think that explains Carrie… Between Carrie and Britt…newborns are all wrapped up.. not just literally. And although Carrie is just amazing with her newborns, her eye just spills over into everything she takes. Thanks Carrie for continuing to amaze me.”

Chelle Haney “A fun-inspiring-generous person.” Her generous traits have shown me the rewards of friendship, love and laughter. When I look at Carries work it’s surreal more times then not. When you’re doing a shoot, you’re mind is running a mile a minute to make sure all the bases are covered from equipment exposure, composition of your subjects… and the most important… recording the moment. You would think you would see that in the picture… but you don’t, you see calm, quite moments that embed in your minds eye. Carrie has a light that surrounds her, and that light draws us from all over. Thank you Carrie for being who you are.”

Jane W “so true, just when you think you have seen it all. . . Carrie’s work is original, breathtaking, beautiful and always inspiring. She consistently comes up with new, fresh poses and compositions. Her work is stunning in both black and white and colour. She so obviously has a joy for what she does, and it is reflected in all her work. So, so happy that she shares here”

Peta Mazey “I could go on about the brilliance that is Carrie Sandoval all day, but I’ll keep it simple. her work truly has an innate sense if purity and grace. her eye is as fresh and new and wonderful as the subjects she ‘captures’. and on top of this she is completely humble, lovely and always willing to share. i feel so lucky to to know Carrie and look forward to seeing what the future brings for her!!.”

Susan Braswell “You have a God given talent that is untouchable with newborns. You and Britt are going to just rock the California coast and wherever travels may take you.”

Patrina Odette “To watch Carrie and Britt in action was amazing, to say the least! They are the original baby whisperers, no kidding! Babies melt in their hands. and bend. and flex. and smile.”

Deb S “A truly brilliant photographer. A great friend. Hugely inspiring. I truly thank Carrie for her willingness to share her talent and friendship.”

Ingrid Kaslik “There is a tenderness in Carrie’s touch when she works with babies. The gentle loving hands of a mother. Sweet, maternal, thoughtful. She is a true baby whisperer.”

Sherri Winstead “Absolutely amazing with a knack for perfect emotion, simplicity yet beautiful art of maternity women and their newborns!! Beautiful!“

Alpana “Amazing. Inspiring. Breath-taking! I am so in awe to her attention to detail and in every single image she produces. Some pretty wild poses that look completely natural.“

Melissa Wells “I wanted to thank you for doing that podcast. I have found (in my area anyway) that some photographers just don’t want to help you or give advise or tell any secrets.. so from all photographers out here thank you for being so willing to help!

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